The UERM College of Medicine Alumni Association Art Exhibit

Written By: John Peter Paul P. Salvaña, MD - Class 2005

Doctor. Medical Professional. Physician. These words often call to mind a person in a white coat doing rounds, looking at patients, prescribing this, and advising that. For most people, it is sometimes inconceivable that their doctor be anything other than that person who they see when they get sick. It is indeed hard to imagine, considering their often hectic and punishing schedules, that doctors have a life outside Medicine.

But amazingly, they do.

On November 18, 2018 in Shangri-la Plaza Mall, our colleagues and friends showed the world that the wonderful hands that heal and succor patients are just as magical when creating works of visual art. It was on this auspicious day, in the presence of fellow alumni, family, and friends, at the Artistree Gallery in the 4th Level of the Shangri-La Mall in Mandaluyong City, the UERM Alumni Art Exhibit was formally opened.

The event was the brainchild of UERM College of Medicine Alumni Association (UERM CMAA)Vice President Dr. Mario M. Panaligan of Class 1993, and with the help of our alumni officers and members, under the very able leadership of Dr. Samuel Vincent G. Yrastorza of Class 1997, what started out as a simple idea became a magnificent showcase of talent. And such an overflow of talent there was! Who knew that our Alma Mater was blessed with such extraordinary artists hiding behind the façade of the quintessential physician?

The opening program was hosted by our very own Dr. Benida A. Fontanilla of Class 1992 and currently the Treasurer of UERM CMMA, a familiar face among many students who passed through our school’s hallowed halls. Chorvs Medicvs led the opening prayer through a musical adaptation of the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi which was followed by the National Anthem and the UERM Hymn. The welcoming remarks was delivered by our dashing and debonaire UERM CMAA President Dr. Samuel Vincent G. Yrastorza and a touching and inspiring message was given by Vice Chairman of the Board Mr. Wilson T. Young. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was presided by Dr. Napoleon B. Alcedo, Jr., Dr. Henry A. Yañez, Dr. Gemiliano DL. Aligui and Mr. Wilson T. Young and with that, the exhibit was formally opened to the viewing public. The ceremony was followed by cocktails and the viewing of selected art pieces on display. Alumni from all corners of the nation contributed their artworks for this exhibit. Even relatives of alumni had their works on display. During the viewing, Chorvs Medicvs serenaded the crowd with choice choral pieces from a wide repertoire of songs from different genres and origins.

An invitation then goes out to all alumni to spread the word and visit the exhibit. Everyone is welcome to view and bask in the talent and artistry generously shared by our very own. Artworks are available for purchase and part of the proceeds will go to the Hospital Indigency Fund and Scholarship Grants supported by the UERM College of Medicine Alumni Association. And to one and all, we say, Pro Deo et Patria!