• 1970: UERMMMC Medical Alumni Association founded with Dr. Jorge Peralta as first president.
  • 1983: Upon the recommendation of Chairman Jovino Lorenzo, the dean of the college of medicine and eventually the president of the alumni association and faculty president were included as members of the board of trustees of UERMMMC. Dr. Manuel Ramos was the first president to sit in the UERMMMC board.
  • 1985: UERMMMC Medical Alumni Association Incorporated as non-stock, non-profit organization



We envision:

  • A robust network of highly organized and linked alumni  at the global, national and local levels.
  • A strong partnership between the alumni and the Alma Mater
  • Alumni who are committed to giving back and paying forward for the love of their Alma Mater




  • Sense of pride in and belonging to    Alma Mater
  • Strengthening of the College of Medicine Professional growth
  • Advancement of the medical profession Adherence to Hippocratic Oath
  • Establish more meaningful and greater linkage, greater social interaction and bonding among Alumni and between the medical center and Alumni
  • Build UERMMMC as the Medical Community of  excellence, compassion, harmony and respect



  • Generosity and of selfless sharing for love of Alma Mater
  • A home where we nurture a sense of belonging and goodwill
  • Loyalty and gratitude
  • Spirit of Bayanihan (Willingness to participate in joint endeavors for a common cause)